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Where is my Power BI theme file?

written by Prathy Kamasani February 5, 2018
Where is my Power BI theme file?

Have you ever ended up in a situation where someone already did all the work to get the right brand colours, created a Power BI theme file and left the company. Then you go there to do some quick reports; business wants that long time signed off  theme that they used in other reports, but no one knows where that theme file exists? I have!  I was asked to create Power BI files which looked similar to the ones they had; existing ones had themes and backgrounds, but no one knows where they were.

Where are my Power BI theme file and background images?

By now, many of us know Power BI file can be renamed to a .zip file to see the contents. I previously blogged here how to zip PBI file and how we can use this for Drill Through functionality. So, I was pretty sure; if I imported a Jason file as a theme into Power BI Desktop, it should be saved somewhere inside. I can unzip the  model and find all imported files; I was not wrong 😊

So the steps to see imported files are simple:

  1. Copy the existing Power BI file
  2. Change file type to .zip
  3. Unzip it
  4. In the unzipped file, go to \Report\StaticResources\RegisteredResources
  5. That’s all; that’s where your theme file, background images or any other images you used in the model resides

Hoe this helps!

Prathy 🙂

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